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K Marketing Co is excited to introduce you to the next level of website creation with Wix Studio. Wix Studio combines the powerful features of the classic editor with an array of new animations and features. Our Certified Wix Studio designers can bring your vision to life with interactive and visually stunning websites. Whether you're a small business owner, creative professional, or a nonprofit organization, our collaborative approach ensures that your website reflects your unique brand and engages your audience. Get ready to stand out online with K Marketing Co and Wix Studio. 

Elevate Your Online Presence with the Power of Wix Studio Websites

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Megan Kalbach


Wix Studio Web Designer Certification badge for Megan Kalbach
Alicia Irwin


Wix Studio Web Designer Certification badge for Alicia Irwin

Our Wix Studio Certified Designers

K Marketing Co Wix Studio Certfication

K Marketing Co is proud to introduce its new Wix Studio Design Accreditation. This accreditation process showcases the expertise of our Wix Studio designers in site planning, design, and construction, ensuring that every Wix Studio website created by K Marketing Co is of the highest quality and standard. The accreditation process emphasizes the importance of responsive site behavior, ensuring that websites are compatible and accessible across various devices and screen sizes. With a focus on responsiveness, K Marketing Co's Wix Studio Accreditation guarantees that clients receive a website that not only looks visually appealing but also functions seamlessly across all platforms. Read more about the Wix Studio Certification process from one of designers.

Wix Studio offers exceptional flexibility and control when it comes to formatting your website on tablet breakpoint. Wix Studio allows you to customize the layout design and content of your website to ensure a seamless browsing experience on tablet devices. With its intuitive interface, Wix Studio allows you to easily rearrange elements, resize images and text, and adjust spacing to accommodate tablet device screens whether they are in landscape or portrait mode. 

Tablet Formatting

Experience the power of creativity with the new animation features in Wix Studio. You have access to a wide range of animation effects, including fades, slides, rotations and more. Whether you want to add subtle transitions or create eye-catching motion graphics, the possibilities are endless. Take your website design to the next level with Wix Studio. 


Wix Studio offers a wide array of advanced design tools to fully customize every aspect of your website. From fonts, colors, backgrounds to layouts, animations and transitions. the possibilities are endless. Features like parallax scrolling and 3D elements add a touch of sophistication and interactivity on your website. Additionally Wix Studio provides  access to a vast library of high-quality images, videos and icons, ensuring that users have a diverse range of visual assets to choose from. 

Advanced Design Features

The custom CSS options Wix Studios offers empower users to unleash their creativity and create a website that truly reflects their brand and vision. With the ability to preview their changes in real-time, users can experiment and fine-tune their CSS code until the desired look and feel is achieved. 

Custom CSS

Slice of Divine 


Contact one of our design experts today to start a conversation about upgrading your website to a Wix Studio website.

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