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My Path to Wix Studio Certification

In today’s digital world, having a visually stunning and responsive website is crucial for businesses to thrive. That is why I recently put in the overtime to obtain my Wix Studio Design Certification. This certification process allowed me to showcase my expertise in site planning, design, and construction. The process emphasized the importance of responsive site behavior, ensuring that websites are compatible and accessible across various devices and screen sizes.

To apply for the Wix Studio Certification, I was tasked with analyzing a live website and recreating its design, animation, and functionality as closely as possible using Wix Studio. This exercise allowed me to showcase my keen attention to detail, especially related to padding, animations and speeds, and my ability to understand and replicate complex layouts and structures.. By thoroughly studying the original site, I was able to gain valuable insights into the best practices of responsive design, layout and structure, making the recreation process easier.

Wix Studio certification design site structure
Wix Studio Certification tests your knowledge of complex layouts and structures.

One of the key aspects that Wix was looking for in the Wix Studio Certification process was responsiveness. In today’s mobile-driven world, it is imperative that websites adapt seamlessly to different devices screens and sizes. Utilizing a new stacking feature in Wix Studio, I am able to have more control over responsiveness and scaling down to different device sizes, ensuring optimal user experience. From fluid layouts to flexible stacking, every detail is thoughtfully built to ensure a consistent and engaging user experience for visitors, regardless of the device they are using. All of our Wix Studio website clients have seen an increase in their traffic since upgrading to a Wix Studio website.

Wix Studio certification tested various structures, animations and effects skills
Hover action color change animation with Wix Studio

Another crucial factor in the Wix Studio Certification process was the mastery of layout and structure. After attentively studying the site example, I started to understand the logic behind the placement of various elements. I then applied this knowledge when recreating the layout in Wix Studio. Using different layout tools and section grids, I was able to capture the essence of the original site. The Wix Studio Certification was also a real test in design. Wix provided a library of the images used to make the website and that was it. From the typography to color schemes, animations, timing, every element was meticulously observed and mirrored from the example site.

Design in Wix Studio with no mouse hover
Cell Design with no mouse hover

Design animation with hover on wix studio
Design animation once mouse hovers cell

For businesses seeking to elevate their online presence and make a lasting impression on their audience, patterning with a Wix Studio Certified designer allows you to invest in a powerful tool for your success. Contact us today to talk about a Wix Studio website. If you are interested in becoming Wix Studio Certified, you can start here.