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Long's Park Amphitheater Foundation is a shining beacon of community engagement and cultural enrichment in Lancaster, PA. As a non-profit organization, the foundation has dedicated itself to the preservation and promotion of Long's Park, an 80-acre city park that serves as a dynamic hub for artistic expression and outdoor recreation. The foundation's unwavering commitment to providing free, high-quality entertainment through the Summer Music Series has captivated audiences of all ages for decades. Additionally, the nationally acclaimed fine art festival organized by the foundation, showcases the exceptional talent of artists from across the country, captivating visitors with a diverse range of fine art. With a focus on fostering a sense of belonging and community, Long's Park Amphitheater Foundation has transformed the park into a vibrant and inclusive space, offering pavilions, a petting farm, children's playgrounds, and a serene 3-acre spring-fed lake. Through its tireless efforts, the foundation continues to create unforgettable experiences and foster a deep appreciation and for the arts and nature among Lancaster County residents and visitors alike. 



Building community by creating a burst of excitement and buzz about the foundation's events to new and different demographics within the community.

Elevating the influence of the foundation by growing attendance, business sponsorships, and fundraising opportunities.

Ensuring the foundation stays relevant and impactful in the current digital environment.


Establish clear and consistent branding within the three areas of the foundation. Creating cohesive branding materials across all marketing platforms and print work.

We established a cohesive and consistent branding across the foundation, Summer Concert Series and Art Festival with the use of blue, allowing the predetermined branding for those areas as a highlight color. Consistent branding ensures that all three areas of the foundation are aligned visually and conceptually, creating a unified and recognizable identity. This helps build trust and brand recognition among the audience. Consistent branding was essential for establishing a strong foundation identity and effectively communicate the foundations values and offerings to the community.

K Marketing Co Website Backgrounds.jpg
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