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Lancaster marketing agency, K Marketing Co

K Marketing Co. is comprised of a dedicated team of designers, marketing professionals, and support staff committed to helping small businesses and nonprofits achieve their design and marketing goals. Our journey began when Megan, inspired by the success of a fire company fundraiser she promoted, felt compelled to assist other organizations during the pandemic. Formerly an Independent Mary Kay Pink Cadillac Sales Director, Megan, limited by the pandemic's challenges, decided to channel her skills into supporting others. Over the next three years, along with others, she built a company, originally known as MJ Small Business Squad, which later evolved into K Marketing Co.

Megan Kalbach

Founder and Creative Director

Our Project Management Team

Shannon Shaner

Office & Event Manager

Shannon Shanner, Admin Specialist at K Marketing Co

Shannon is devoted to ensuring clients' projects run smoothly and efficiently. Known for her cheerful voice and readiness to help, she plays a key role in client support.

Kim Swisher

Project Manager

Kim’s skills and attention to detail she gained working in the design industry, combined with her naturally organized mind, make her a perfect fit as the Project Manager at K Marketing Co.

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At K Marketing Co, we believe that the key to a successful project is understanding your company or nonprofit and its unique goals. We focus on creating visually stunning designs that drive action. Our goal is to ensure that your brand is elevated with our engaging designs and strategies. We can help you stand out from the competition and tailor your marketing to meet your specific needs. Our goal is to help you succeed, and we do this by setting you up for success from the very beginning.

Driving Success Through Collaboration and Expertise

Our Creative Team

Alicia Irwin

Lead Designer and Marketing Specialist

Alicia Irwin Designer and marketing specialist

Alicia has a tremendous passion for art.  Armed with a Bachelor's in Art from Millersville University,  she excels in digital art, with a focus on drawing, photography, and graphic design.

Ryan Morad

Design and Marketing Specialist

Ryan is the go-to guy for all things digital marketing. Whether he's optimizing websites or curating eye-catching ads, he's always ready to take your business to the next level and have a blast along the way.

Maddy Rohrer

Design and Marketing Specialist

With a business degree focused in marketing and public relations from Millersville University, Maddy integrates her non-profit and photography background to assist clients in enhancing business marketing strategies.

Emilie Jones

Designer and Marketing Specialist

Emilie Jones, signer and Marketing Specialist

Emilie, a Penn State University graduate in Business Marketing and Management, brings versatile expertise in design, social media, copywriting, and website management.

Neve Consylman

Design and Marketing Specialist

Neve Consylman, Design and Marketing Specialist

Neve graduated from Penn State University with a degree in marketing. Her enthusiasm for emerging trends in marketing and design is a valuable asset to our clients.

Emma Morad

Media Production Specialist

Emma graduated from Southeast Missouri State University with a Bachelor’s in Mass Communications with a focus on TV & Film production. Through her experience with short film, local news, and video marketing, Emma has honed her passion for editing to help tell stories in the most engaging way possible.

Maria Bueno

Design & Marketing Intern

Maria is passionate about leveraging her skills and marketing degree from Millersville University to make a meaningful impact. She is eager to dive into the world of design and marketing.

Sarah Kauffman

Content Editor

Sarah Kauffman, content editor at K Marketing Co

As our content editor, Sarah, a Kutztown University graduate, combines her deep appreciation for literature and enthusiasm for linguistics to assist our clients in succinctly conveying their messages.

Heather Ensslen

Designer and Marketing Assistant

Heather Ensslen Designer and Marketing Assistant at K Marketing Co

Heather, with a degree in education from Cedarville University, plays a key role in scheduling and coordinating behind-the-scenes tasks for our marketing management clients.

Kelly Forrey

Design and Marketing Assistant

Kelly Forrey, Design and Marketing Assistant at K Marketing Co

Kelly, known for her passionate and servant heart, contributes to our agency by aiding with behind-the-scenes tasks for clients and providing event assistance.

Crystal Consylman

Event Coordinator

Crystal Consylman, event coordinator at K Marketing Co

Crystal, equipped with a degree in business management, thrives on community engagement and lends her expertise to our event management and other agency support tasks.

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