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Rohrerstown Fire Company fire fighter involved in Safer Grant recruitment and rentention program
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SAFER Grants

The Key to Unlocking Your Recruitment and Retention Goals 

SAFER grants play a crucial role in the recruitment and retention of volunteer firefighters by prioritizing safety and security measures. These grants provide funding for organizations to implement safety protocols, training programs, and the necessary equipment to ensure the well-being of volunteers. By investing in SAFER grant marketing strategies, organizations can showcase their commitment to creating a secure environment for volunteers, which in turn enhances their recruitment efforts. Potential volunteers are more likely to be attracted to organizations that prioritize their safety, leading to a larger pool of qualified candidates to choose from. Moreover, existing volunteers will feel valued and appreciated when their safety is prioritized, resulting in higher rates of retention. Ultimately, SAFER grants not only enhance the overall safety of volunteer programs but also contribute to the long-term success and growth of organizations by attracting and retaining dedicated and passionate volunteers. 

Unlocking Funding and Education Opportunities with Ryno Public Safety Solutions

Every community has its own unique public safety needs and that is why Scott Ryno created Ryno Public Safety Solutions in 2005. Scott, a seasoned Fire/EMS Consultant with over 39 years of experience, has provided guidance and support to Fire and EMS companies as well as local government officials. He has also conducted county-wide Fire/EMS system analysis for county governments. With his expertise in the field, Scott is committed to ensuring the safety of all citizens, while providing professional and reliable solutions for all your public safety needs.

Scotty Ryno of Ryno Public Safety Solutions
Ryno Public Safety Solutions helps secure Safer Grants
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IAFC Academy certification for 4 hour class for Maddy Rohrer
IAFC Academy certification for 16 hour class for Maddy Rohrer
IAFC Academy certification for 4 hour class for Megan Kalbach
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